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Amazing Flexibility Girl 24 Hardcore Strenght And Flexibility flexibility girl flexible girl america’s got talent flexible girl america got talent name flexible girl agt flexible girl archer…
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Nutrition That Gets You Results – Fitness Model & Trainer Jeff Denton | Fitness Model! | I get a lot of query about my diet program and nutrition, so I thought I would make a video for you guys explaining what has provided …
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WBFF Pro Fitness Model Kansas City Personal Trainer Diana Chaloux at WBFF World Championships 2010 | Fitness Model!

WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model, Kansas City Personal Trainer Diana Chaloux during Pre Judging at the WBFF Planet Championships 2010! On the web weight loss applications, fitness model programs and bikini model applications obtainable at

Top Fitness Trainer & Model Rob Riches- Maximum Definition!! Part 1 | Fitness Model!

Youll often see workout movies prescribe particular workouts to focus on certai n body components, but seldom do the instructors make clear a lot a lot more than how the machine works, leaving you clueless about the actual biomechanics of the physique, or in other words the application of the mechanical workings of the bodys skeletal and muscular method. In this new series, exclusive to LA Muscle Television, Best fitness trainer, and specialist fitness model, Rob Riches, breaks down the elements of every single muscle group, demonstrating which certain exercises function selected areas of that body element, creating it effortless for even the most inexperienced of health club goers to realize and make use of, as well as giving a handful of suggestions and modification techniques that even the most seasoned of fitness fanatics will locate helpful, and attain optimum definition all more than. Confident, theres a lot of trainers and fitness pros out there providing very good assistance, but number of with perhaps as considerably credentials as Rob. Aside from training Hollywood actors, and professional sportsmen, Rob has also had a successful career on the competition scene, competing in 19 drug-totally free bodybuilding and fitness competitions throughout the UK and US, and is currently in education for his most significant demonstrate to date, the WBFF globe Fitness Model Championships in Toronto this September (LA Muscle will be brining you all the action from one particular of the most anticipated fitness competitions this year, with exclusive back stage interviews with some of the biggest names in fitness
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10 Tips on How to Choose a Personal Trainer in Malaysia | Gym Tips

Personal training has always been popular. Not just in the US but even here in Malaysia, especially since the boom for fitness centers in Kuala Lumpur. But with every “boom” where demand is typically high, the supply of quality personal trainers is challeng faced by all gyms.

And if you read my Malaysian gym review, you can see inadequate gym instructors really rub people the wrong way.
How to choose a personal trainer?

So say you are looking to choose a personal trainer, following are some tips and questions to help you before signing up for a program.

Image In other words, does he or she look the part? If he or she is in great shape, they must be doing something right. If they themselves look out of shape …. well it would be hard to convince me to sign up.

Ask Questions! What to ask? Well everything that you want to know about. If your goal is to lose weight, improve fitness etc, test their knowledge before you enroll. If he or she can’t answer your questions, what makes you think they can help achieve your goals?

Is their program custom made for you? Lots of major commercial gym fail this test. Most personal trainers are given a standard program and make you go through the motion. You must make demands and choose a PT who understands your unique strength and weaknesses..

True story! A personal trainer from a major gym, wanted my 60yr old dad to go through a standard program and he almost passed out. I gave the PT a major earful. My father and I never returned. If your PT lacks common sense, tell him to shove it.

Chemistry Well all said and done, you and your personal trainer need to have chemistry. I am not talking about sex appeal or friendship but you need to feel comfortable enough to take instructions and directions from him or her. After all, you are surrendering your body over to this person.

Go for a trial session. Better still, demand a trial session. Tell the gym that you are looking for a long term arrangement (even if you are not) but in order for you to commit, you would like to have a trial session with that particular trainer. This is a great way to get a feel for chemistry etc.

Don’t get passed around? Ask if your personal trainer is dedicated. Some gyms have a habit of passing you around to various personal trainers. Also make sure your PT guy or gal is going to stick around. You don’t want him or her leaving the gym after 1-2 weeks. Ask 1) How long he or she has been working there and 2) Whether or not they like working here. You’d be surprised how many personal trainer are quick to bash their employers. This should be a warning sign.

Ask how much they enjoy working there. ou’d be surprised how many personal trainer are quick to bash their employers. This should be a warning sign.

How long have they been training? Well there are two parts to this question. 1) You would like to find out how long they have ben training and 2) how long they have been personal trainers. Most people become personal trainers after engulfing themselves in fitness training.

Any success stories? Ask who their clients are. Who were their previous clients and see if you can get a referral or recommendation from them. Don’t be fooled by general weight loss success of a particular client at the gym as your PT have have had nothing to do with it.

Observe. This is probably the one of the best tips. Now assuming you have already joined this gym, be sure to observe various personal trainers with their clients. From just observing them with their clients, you can see how focused, dedicated and capable their are. If you get the opportunity, you can even ask that client how their experience has been.

Demand for 100% attention! An all too common problem among personal trainers is that they often get distracted by their colleagues, sms, taking calls etc. Don’t tolerate such behavior! Make it clear before and during sessions that you need their 100% attention … at all times.

…all too common problem among personal trainers is that they often get distracted by their colleagues, sms, taking calls etc. Don’t tolerate such behavior…
Qualifications. I put this last coz it is really not that important to me. Personal trainer certifications are so easy to obtain these days and does not guarantee anything. That said, you should still ask what they qualifications are … but again, whatever their reply, it’s not like that you would know how relevant or truthful they are.

Kevin Zahri is Malaysia’s own health and fitness celebrity. He is passionately known as “Cikgu Fitness”. He is the author of 10+ fitness book and eBook, including the best selling “How to lose 5kg in 5 weeks” and “How to gain 5kg in 10 weeks”.

Kevin is a man of many talents but prides himself as a health and fitness entrepreneur. Visit

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Fitness Model, Kansas City Personal Trainer, WBFF Figure Pro Diana Chaloux Golds Gym Workout | Fitness Model!

Come along with best fitness model, WBFF Figure World Champion and Kansas City Private Trainer Diana Chaloux as she gets in an arm workout at Golds Fitness center. On the internet Private Training obtainable worldwide, one particular on 1 private coaching offered at Hitch Fit Health club in Kansas City, MO Check out for particulars!
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